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Sent : November 8, 2005 4:27:41 PM
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 Parkway Public School                                                                                                                                   October 26, 2005

Parent to Parent                                                                                   Vol7Iss2                                                                                    


Council News         

New Council

On September 28th, 2005 Parkway parents and staff met in the library and selected  this year's Council. They are:


Sharon Lennie - Chair

E.J. Powers - Principal

Suzanne Highgate - Vice chair

Gaganjote Singh - Secretary

Shari Vandermeer - Assoc. Secretary

Glenn Williams - Treasurer

R. Gupta - Staff Rep.

L. Girolamo - Support Staff Rep.

Blakhar Singh Bajwa - Community Rep.

Khatidja Dandach       Sharon Patt

Brian Burton    Erik Prieditis

Manjit Chahal  Bonnie Lauer

Bav Parajapat             Harjeet Khroud

Janice Ing                    Chris Christidis (alt.)

Stephanie Brosseau-Hughes (alt.)

Laurie Pebesma (alt.) Gerald Patt (alt.)

Nadene Burton (alt) Tracy Boodram (alt.)

Alana Harmsworth (alt.)



Council Mandate

Council's mandate is primarily to advise the Principal (or Board/Ministry) on school issues; i.e. Code of Behaviour and School Success Plan.  Another function is to conduct activities that support our students;


i.e. reading initiative and fundraising.   Fundraising allows us to offer support for equipment and activities that are otherwise not allocated through Board funding. Lastly, volunteering remains a cornerstone of the Council.  If you are able to help the school, please contact the Chair, Mrs. Sharon Lennie at 455-5762.

Fall Fundraiser

On October 31st we will host our annual, fall fundraiser, the 3rd annual Dance-a-Thon.  As well, at 1:00 p.m. our children will be out in costume for the community parade (weather permitting.) Come out and support our children.

Santa Claus Parade

The annual, Brampton Santa Claus parade will take place on November 19th.  Preparations are under way for Parkway's fifth appearance, pending details to be finalized.  The parade will commence at 5:00 p.m. and proceed south on Main Street through downtown Brampton.  Our third year entry was awarded the best school float.   Further information will be sent home as it becomes available. 

Parkway Pride

We remind parents to read the monthly newsletters sent home and to return the tear-off.  Once again, children who return the completed tear-off, will be eligible for fabulous prizes, including prizes, gift certificates and tickets to major   events.

Send Hope to Hurricane Victims

In our last meeting of September 28th, the Council decided to lend support by dedicating proceeds from one of our Pizza or Sub days to the Canadian Red Cross for victims of Katrina. 





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