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Nothing in the Parkway Public School Advisory Council Operational Plan shall abrogate any of the provisions of the Education Act, Regulations or policies of neither the Ministry of Education and Training nor that of the Peel District School Board.


Hereinafter, the Ministry of Education and Training shall be referred to as the Ministry.

Hereinafter, the Peel District School Board shall be referred to as the Board.

Hereinafter, the Parkway Public School Advisory Council shall be referred to as the Council.

School year shall mean commencement of school in September in one calendar year until completion in June of the following calendar year.


We, members of the Parkway Public School Advisory Council, in partnership with students, parents and staff do hereby pledge to provide a safe, caring and stimulating, learning environment where all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential.


Guided by the mandate provided for School Advisory Councils in the Province of Ontario, and in consultation with the Parkway School community, the Council will provide sensible and well considered advice, and appropriate support, for the Principal and Board members, as it pertains to the well being of our students and school community.

January 19, 2000 (Rev. Sep 19, 2001; Mar 19, 2003)

The Council shall operate in accordance with the provisions as set out in Ontario Regulation 612/00  made under the Education Act, Ministry of Education and Training, and Peel District School Board policies and procedures.  Specifically, the Council shall address the following:

1. Establish a School Council Election Committee who will ensure that elections are held within
    thirty school days of each school year, excluding Professional Activity days.

2. Establish and annually review Councilís strategic plan, "Supporting School Success.

3. Develop Council member skills through information and training sessions, and other informative

4. Prepare an annual report on Council activities by June 15th of each year.  Such report shall
    include the Treasurerís year end, financial report.

In addition, the Council shall operate in the following manner:


1. The Council shall conduct itís affairs in a professional manner at all times and shall not engage in
    any discussion or act in a manner that may discriminate against, damage or defame the reputation
    of an individual, group or organization.

2. The Council may make recommendations to the Principal or the Board on any matter.

            (i) Notwithstanding Subsection A(2), the Council shall not engage in any matter where
                it involves an employment or collective agreement issue.  Complaints involving any
                member of the staff or student shall immediately be referred to the Principal; and,

            (ii) The Council shall not engage in any discussion with regards to the behaviour of a
                particular student nor disciplinary conduct or measures taken against thereof; and,

            (iii) Staff and students referred to in Paragraphs A(2)(i) and A(2)(ii) shall not be identified
                  in any communication or writing.


1. The purpose of the Council is, through active participation of parents, to improve student
    achievement and to enhance the accountability of the education system to parents.

2. The Councilís primary means of achieving its purpose is by making recommendations in
    accordance with Ontario Regulation 612/00 to the Principal of the school and the Board.

C-Composition of Council:

1. The Council shall be comprised of seventeen voting members and the Principal.  Fourteen shall
    be parents/guardians, one community representative, one teacher representative, one support
    staff representative and the Principal.

            (i) The fourteen parent representatives shall be elected by the parents and guardians of
                students enrolled in the school.

            (ii) The community representative shall be appointed by the Council.

            (iii) The Principal shall, in consultation with the Elections Committee, make the necessary
                  arrangements for the staff representative and support staff representative to be elected.

                    a) Candidates for these positions may be full-time or part-time.

                    b) Part-time employees who are assigned to more than one location may only hold one
                        Council position.

            (iv) The Principal shall be a designated member.

                    a) The Principal of the school may delegate
                        any of his or her powers or duties as a member of the Council, including any powers
                        or duties under Ontario Regulations 612/00 and 613/00, to a Vice Principal of the school.

            (v) The term of office for elected and appointed positions shall be one school year.  That is
                 from the date a member is elected or appointed; and the date of the first meeting of
                the Council after the elections held until the date of the first meeting of the Council after
                the elections held in the next school year.

            (vi) Elected and appointed members may seek additional terms of office.

            (vii) The Chair of the Council shall be a parent.

2. A Council member shall not receive any remuneration for serving as a member of the Council.


1. A Council Election Committee comprised of the Principal and three Council members shall be formed at the last meeting of each school year, who will be responsible for conducting elections for the Council the following year.

2. Parents of a student enrolled at the school are eligible to both run and vote for as parent representative.  Self-nomination
    will suffice.

            (i) No additional qualifiers or quotas may be used to restrict eligibility either to vote or run as
                parent candidate.

            (ii) Candidates should be prepared to summarize to the school community their reasons for

            (ii) Notwithstanding Section D(2), a Board employee is not qualified to be a parent
                representative where their child is enrolled at Parkway Public School; and,

            (iii) A Board employee is not qualified to be a parent representative where their child is
                  enrolled at another school, unless he or she takes reasonable steps to inform people
                  qualified to vote in the election of parent members of that employment.

3. Parent Candidate Nomination forms (Appendix III) shall be filled by all candidates for elected
    positions on the Council.

4. The Principal shall cause a written notice of the date, time and location of the election to be given
    to every parent of a student at least fourteen days prior to the date of election.

            (i) Such notice may be given by providing a copy of the notice to the parentís child  for
                delivery to his or her parent; and,

            (ii) by posting the notice in the school in a location that is accessible to parents.

5. No individual campaign literature for Council elections may be distributed or posted in the school.

6. The Principal shall conduct a lottery to determine the ballot position for each candidate.

7. Elections for Council shall be conducted by secret ballot (Appendix III).  Voters must be present
    at the school on the election day, during the preset hours.

8. All eligible voters shall be entitled to cast one vote for each of the candidate positions available at
    the school.  Casting more than the maximum number of votes permitted in the category spoils the
    ballot. Where a tie occurs for the final position for a representative on the Council, the winner
    shall be determined by lot.

10. School resources, both human and material, may not be used to support particular candidates or
      groups of candidates.

11. The election day proceedings shall be supervised by the Principal.

12. Where the number of candidates is less than or equal to the number of positions, the candidates
      shall be acclaimed.

13. Where all elected positions have not been filled at the end of the election process and vacancies
      exist, the newly constituted Council shall appoint the necessary number of eligible persons to
      serve for the balance of the term of office.  Nevertheless, where appointments fail to fill all
      positions, the Council shall proceed to function.

14. All appointments to the Council are by a majority vote of the members at the meeting then
      serving on the Council and such appointments shall be made at a public meeting following
      appropriate public notice of the meeting.

15. The Principal, in consultation with the Council Elections Committee, shall call the first meeting of
      the Council within thirty five school days of the school year.

16. The Chair of the Council shall be elected by the members of the Council.  This election shall
      occur at the first meeting of the new Council.


1. Should vacancies arise through resignations, Council may, following appropriate public notice, fill
    such vacancy by a majority vote of the members of the Council held at a public meeting.

2. Such appointment shall be effective until the end of the school year.

            (i) Council shall appoint for parent and community representatives.

            (ii) The Principal shall appoint for staff and support staff representatives.

F-Motions and Voting:

1. Any member of the Council can make a motion at any meeting.

2. Motions shall require a seconder of motion.

3. Each member of the Council has one vote on each motion and members have the right to abstain
    from voting.

            (i) Notwithstanding Subsection F(3), and in accordance with Ontario Regulation 612/00,
                the Principal of the school is not entitled to vote in votes taken by the Council or by a
                sub-committee of the Council.

4. Council shall endeavour to reach decisions by consensus, however failing to do so, a motion is
    approved when a majority (50% + 1) of the members vote in favor of it.

5. A tie vote is a loss.

6. There shall be no proxy votes.


1.   Upon a signed petition being given to all Council members by four or
      more members, the Chair shall call a special meeting of the Council to resolve the issue at hand.

2.   Upon having reached no resolution on the disputed issue, the Superintendent of Schools shall
      be notified for assistance.

H-Conflict of Interest:

1. Council members shall declare all conflicts of interest at the commencement of each meeting.

2. A Council member who is found to be in a conflict of interest shall abstain from voting on that

3. A Council member who fails to declare a conflict of interest and participates by voting on that
    matter may be deemed not to be acting in good faith and the Council may declare such vote or
    resolution null and void.


1. The Council is accountable to the school community it represents.

2. The Council shall prepare and submit a formally approved, final report no later than June 15th
    each year, outlining itís goals, activities, achievements and recommendations.  A copy shall be
    provided each to the Principal and the Board.

            (i) The annual report shall include fundraising activities.

            (ii) The Principal shall, on behalf of the Council, supply a summary of the report to a parent
                of every student who on the date the copy given is enrolled in the school.

                    (a) Paragraph (ii) may be complied with by  giving the report to the parentís child for
                         delivery to his or her parent, and;

                    (b) The Principal shall post a copy of the full report in the school, in a location that is
                          accessible to parents.


1. Chair:
            (i) Shall fulfill their duties as outlined in Ministerial and Board policies.

2. Vice-Chair:
            (i) Chair School Advisory Council meetings in the absence of the Chair and fulfill those
                responsibilities as called upon.

            (ii) Assist the Chair as required.

3. Secretary:
            (i) Ensure that minutes of all Council Meetings are recorded and maintained.  A copy shall
                be provided to the Principal for maintenance at the school.

4. Treasurer:
            (i) Maintain a bank account, or accounts, as designated by the Council.

            (ii) Provide a current, written status report at each meeting, including financial updates.

            (iii) Advise the Council on financial matters as required.

            (iv) Provide Council with an annual financial report at the first meeting of the following
                  school year.


1. There shall be an Executive Management Team that will consist of the Chair, Vice-Chair,
    Secretary, Treasurer and the Principal.

2. Committees may be established from time to time, as required.

3. The Chair of a committee need not be a member of the Council however each
    committee shall include at least one member of the Council and such person shall report their
    activities to the Council as may be required.

4. Recognizing that fundraising is a priority of the Council, a committee shall be formed and be
    responsible for associated activities.

5. The Council shall support the efforts made by the Fundraising Committee, and other
    committees, by providing assistance from time to time, as required.


1. Council meetings shall be held on the third Wednesday of each month during each school
    calendar year.

2.  Meetings shall be open to all members of the community.

3.  A quorum required for Council meetings shall be ten members, of which six shall be parent

4. In the absence of a quorum, meetings may commence and issues discussed, however no motions
    may be put forth nor decisions taken.  If due notice has been given, then a meeting is deemed to
    have taken place.

5. Upon written request to the Secretary made by the Chair, Principal or  any five members of the
    Council, extraordinary meetings may be called, with at least three clear days notice.

6. Although meetings shall be open to the community, only a Council
    member may bring forth a motion for voting.

M-Council Attendance:

1. Council members will endeavour to attend all monthly meetings.

2.  Attendance of members shall be recorded in the following manner;

            (i) Present, for those attending,

            (ii) Regrets, for those unable to attend due to other obligations or exigent circumstances, or

            (iii) Absent, for those not in attendance.

3. A member who is found to be absent for three monthly meetings in a school year shall be contacted by the Chair and
    inquired as to their standing on Council.

            (i) Where such contact is unsuccessful, then a written notice shall be sent to the member inquiring the memberís
                 intention as to their standing on Council.


1. Monies raised are public monies raised for the sole purpose of Parkway Public School and
    students to enrich, enhance and otherwise support programs and events.  Such monies should not
    be used to subsidize normal school operations.

            (i) Notwithstanding Subsection N(1), Council may designate no more than one thousand
                dollars annually, not to be compounded, for the purpose of promoting the Parkway
                Public School community, by donation, award or support of a group or organization
                engaged in a Board approved initiative or activity.

2. Cheques drawn on accounts shall require the signature of the Treasurer and one other member of
    the Executive Management Team.

3. All expenditures of the Council shall require to be voted on, prior to such expenditure.

            (i) Notwithstanding Section N(3), the Treasurer shall maintain a petty cash fund not to
                exceed one hundred dollars, for the purpose of incidental expenses at the discretion of
                the Executive Management Team.

4. Disbursements of all funds shall be the sole responsibility of the Council and shall be made in
    accordance with Board policy.

            (i) Disbursement of monies raised through specific initiatives shall be the sole
                responsibility of the Council, based on advice from and in consultation with fundraising
                committees and their members.

5. All disbursements and awards of monies of one thousand dollars or more shall require to be
    considered by Council through no less than two Council meetings.

6. The Council, and any committee, shall not incur any debts nor operate in a deficit budget at


1. Amendments to any provisions of the Operating Protocol shall require the approval of no less
    than twelve members of Council.

            (i) Notwithstanding Subsection O(1), approval of amendments to the Operating Protocol
                shall not be required where such amendments are caused by legislative or Board authority.