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Parkway Public School                                                                                                             January 20, 2006
Council News                        
What’s New?
In our Council meeting of January 18, the Council discussed a number of issues, including issues affecting the safety and health of our children. 

The Council also discussed extreme heat in the spring and summer;  although our classrooms are not equipped with air conditioning, the school does take steps to comfort the children, including; fans in every room and frequent visits to the water fountain.  Parents can also send their children to school with partially frozen bottles, which can remain cooler longer.

Healthy Eating;
Last year, both the school and Council published a number of articles and tips for parents to help their children with healthy foods and eating habits.  As part of our daily routine, parents are reminded to send their children to school with a healthy lunch and snacks.  The Council supports the Code of Behaviour and also reminds parents that dropping off fast-food lunches is both a health issue and one that places additional duties on front office and teaching staff.  Lastly, the Council is discussing the possibility of holding a parent info night on the issue of healthy lifestyles.  Further information will follow in the future.

Literacy & Beyond
On April 1st, 2006 the Peel Board will be hosting the 5th annual, literacy conference for parents.  This one-day, free event will feature workshops designed for all age groups; elementary, middle and secondary school.   Experts will offer tips and ideas on how we can help our children at home.  Previous attendees have expressed rave reviews.  Seating is limited so early registration is a must. For more information on this unique opportunity please see the reverse.

Volunteer Readers
Volunteer readers are deeply needed for our school this year.  Volunteers who are fluent in English, or those that can offer English and another language, are needed. If you are able to help, you can contact the Volunteer Readers Co-Ordinator, Mrs. Janice Ing, at (905) 453-5180.  Training will be provided.   Parents are reminded school volunteering requires a criminal record check that can be obtained through our local police free of charge.

Christmas Concert
The Council and Parkway parents would like to thank all the children and staff for their efforts in putting together another great show. 

24th Annual Spring Fair
This year’s edition will take place on Saturday, May 27th.   At this time, organizers are seeking donations of prizes.  Large or small, all are appreciated.  Please contact Mrs. Sharon Lennie at 455-5762 or Mr. Chris Christidis at 451-5931 for pick-up.

Holiday Wishes
February is designated as Black History month in both Canada and the USA.  Canada’s history is rich with events and contributions made by our African-Canadian ancestors.  Also, February 14th is St. Valentine’s Day!