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Minutes of meeting held on November 2, 2005
at 24 Duncan Bull Drive, Brampton, ON

Present:                                                        Regrets:                                            Absent:
Sharon Lennie - Chair                                 Bav Prajapat                                    Manjit Chahal
Suzanne Highgate – Vice Chair                Khatidja Dandach
Elizabeth Powers - Principal                      Gaganjot Singh
Glenn Williams - Treasurer                         Balkhar Bajwa
Shari Vandermeer - Secretary
Sharon Patt
Janice Ing
Bonnie Lauer
Chris Christidis
Laurie Pebesma
Harjeet Khroud
Alana Harmsworth
Tracey Boodram
Stefanie Brosseau-Hughes
Leo Girolama
Gail Gulka
Brian Burton
Roopa Gupta
Eric Priveditis   

Meeting Convened at 6:45 p.m., adjourned at  9:45  p.m.

Next Council Meeting:    November 16, 2005

Quorum confirmed
Agenda reviewed and approved.
Gayle Jefferson - Guest

1. Approval of Minutes
        Minutes of September 28, 2005 – Motion to accept minutes, and seconded.
        Minutes approved
Action/Motion registries reviewed:
- track motion of budget – E. Powers (page 3 of minutes)
- school uniforms – cross country, indoor gym, choir – J. Ing  (action: speak to teachers and get quote – report back to counsel)

General Correspondence – News addressed by new council
Great Start – importance of school counsel to work together for all students of Parkway.
                     - everyone has a voice & all voices count.
2. Treasurer’s Report – Glenn Williams
- Balance sheet submitted as of October 31, 2005
- Dance-a-thon in balance sheet ($6,139) – decrease over last year
- Camp Wanakita – Council funded $2,000
- Council Funded Arts - $5,000
- Proceeds from one sub-day to Katrina Fund – E. Powers to advise where money to be sent
- Sub Day was a great success versus last year
MOTION: signing officers – list exec committee
That E. Powers (Principal), Sharon Lennie (Chair), Suzanne Highgate (Vice Chair), Glenn Williams (treasurer) and S Vandermeer (secretary) be signing officers for Parkway Public School Council bank accounts and further that 2 of 5 officers be required to sign cheques and further that only one officer's signature required to transfer funds between the councils accounts – GLENN MADE MOTION/CHRIS SECOND
3. Business arising   from previous minutes.
“Principal as the signing authority s/b “A” not “the”  - E. Powers

4. Business not reached from previous meeting – Nil   

5.    Recurring Council business –

School Success Leadership Report  – L. Pebesma
- 2nd person required to attend meetings as back up – Janice Ing has volunteered
- Committees changed – climate & instructional – at every staff meeting due expert panel report –
- Primary – teachers reviewing binder and sharing ideas
- Early release day – junior teachers reviewing new resources by rep from company
- Council purchased math manipulatives for teachers
- Kindergarten teachers concerned that kids are not ready to attend school
  How can council help
 Suggestions:  early registration presentation – co ordinate babysitting by grade 6 kids, require two evenings – parents need to visualize what happens in class – hand package to parents with a list of early learning centers and criteria to parents for children to be prepared for school
             -    Volunteers required for literacy and in Kindergarten rooms – Police Check required
             -    Tech – tech on wheels will be purchased
             -    Literacy funding – ministry and Junior teachers want to purchase the Inquisitive Series
             -    Library – money not available by donor – must come out of school budget

6. New Council business – 
- Sub Day – Stefanie Brosseau-Hughes & Mary Prieditis  have volunteer to run this  
MOTION: to spend $2,000 Spring Fair 2006 – C. CHRISTIDIS/SECOND – S. LENNIE
- Spring Fair – new volunteer coordinator for event – Key Position for 2006 Volunteer     
    -     December Venue:  December 14 – Sharon to research venues for next meeting
      -    Santa Claus Parade: Application – City asked Parkway to sign waiver to release
          responsibility – waivers must be signed by parents for kids to be added to sign up sheet – Board of            
          Trade does not require Parkway to sign waiver on application
E. Powers: What does Board of Trade require for Parkway to participate  C. CHRISTIDIS to send money to Board of Trade but to confirm that money will refunded if we do not participate.
- Communication & Minutes – Chair (Sharon Lennie) and Principal (E. Powers) to approve any correspondence.
- Financial Registry – A “Budget Registry” to be added to minutes, date, item, amount, motion.
- School Flag –  E. Powers to follow up with Leo Girolama on requisition.
7.  Principal’s Report – E. Powers 
     Principal reported on the following issues:     
               * EQAO trends and results – positive improvements
              *Purchase Math Books – council to subsidized – $1,000
               * ESL – report and trend
              * J. Ing to coordinate reading program & Suzanne Highgate to coordinate a babysitting service
              * Let parents know at Christmas comments – Special thank you to all the teachers for their hard work

8. Chair’s Report –  not addressed at meeting

9.  Items for Future Agenda – not addressed at meeting

10. Open question period –  not addressed at meeting