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2005 Annual Report to the Community

Contributors:                                                                                                                                         June 15, 2005
C. Christidis – Chair
S. Lennie – Vice Chair

Executive Summary

The school year 2004/2005 was a year of renewal for the Parkway Public School Advisory Council, encouraging and welcoming a number of new parents and a new Community representative.  The Council operated in accordance with existing legislation  and Peel District School Board policies, through the support of its constitutional complement of eighteen members, selected committees and associate parents/volunteers. The Council fulfilled its three mandated roles; advisory, volunteering and fundraising.

The highlights of this year include;

The Council would like to express its appreciation to school staff.  Led by Principal E. J. Powers, in addition to normal duties, staff organized or participated in a number of events, enhancing the school’s program.  Likewise, Council also thanks all the volunteers (parent, staff and student), who contributed to the success of students at Parkway.   

(Financial report will be submitted in accordance with the school Board’s fiscal year end; August.)
Council Structure and Organization


In accordance with Council’s constitution, applicable legislation and Board policies, seventeen voting members and the school Principal were elected or appointed.   Council welcomed and enhanced parent participation in various ways including committee participation.   

The Council was guided by the Operating Protocol (Constitution) and assisted Council in administrative or procedural matters.  A sub-committee is appointed annually to review the Protocol and make submissions to the Council.  


Council also recognized the various needs of the school and addressed those needs through a number of sub-committees.  

This year a concerted effort was made to recruit new volunteers and thereby ensure the Council and its activities remain dynamic for the present and the future.   New volunteer co-ordinators lead the Pizza Day, Bagel Day and the main school event, the Spring Fair.

The Council made a particularly concerted effort in identifying and appointing a Community Representative. Council identified the needs of the school and consulted with the community. A number of local, community organizations were contacted and resulted in the appointment of Mr. Balkar Singh Bajwa.   

Lastly, Council continues to provide opportunities and support for new parents who may be considering leadership roles in the future, for both Council or any one of the Council supported activities.  

Council Meetings and Attendance

The Council met on ten occasions for full meetings.  Most meetings were held on the third Wednesday of each month.  In addition to the Council, the various sub-committees conducted their own meetings/consultations and reported to Council.  

One such sub-committee was the parent representative group on the school’s Leadership Team.  Participating on this Team allowed parents a unique opportunity to listen and discuss with staff issues related to curriculum delivery and school success planning.  A parent then reported to the Council at the next Council meeting.  

All Council meetings included at minimum, a quorum of ten members present.  Parents attended monthly meetings with diligence and enthusiasm.

Personnel Development

To remain current and informed on school and Council issues, members took advantage of a number of training opportunities.  Most opportunities were made available by the school Board, while others, i.e. People for Education and Ontario School Advocate, also offered informative conferences.  Parents deeply appreciate the Board’s efforts in supporting Councils.  Attended conferences and training sessions included:

Conferences/Training Sessions:

     Guest Speakers:

School Issues and Topics

Most Council discussions this school year were dominated by topics that involved the curriculum.  In particular, Council gave special attention to the school Success Plan, EQAO and Extra Curricular activities.  The Principal made significant effort involving Council in curriculum matters and seeking advice.   Parents are most appreciative of the Principal’s efforts.  

Curriculum & EQAO:

Council was pleased to learn that Parkway students achieved well in reading, writing and mathematics.   The EQAO results were self evident of their achievement; primary students, particularly those in grade three, achieved significant improvement over the previous year, while junior students continue to achieve better results.  As well, ESL students improved in their reading.   The Principal reiterated the need to continue to support literacy.   Council is greatly appreciative of the staff and their efforts in this area and will continue to support literacy.     

Mission & Vision Statements

The Council was given the opportunity to review the school’s mission and vision statements.  

Financial Support

<>In an unprecedented move and relying on Council’s ability to fundraise and support the school, in June of 2004 the Council identified and dedicated a financial, support budget for the school, for the next (2004/2005) school year.   

The budget, comprised of support in both curriculum and recreational areas, offered the school $32 thousand dollars.  This school year the Council applied the same policy and projected $12 - $15 thousand dollars, for the school year 2005/2006.  Further support may be made available, subject to the level of success of future fundraising efforts. Council funds for school program support includes the arts program, classroom support, IT, literacy, recreation and the annual, grade six, camping trip to Camp Wanakita.


The Council made great effort to deliver information to the parent body, consult and to make itself available.  This was done through a monthly newsletter, bulletin board in the school, e-mail address, web-site and individual communications.  

Council maintained a high visibility policy; members maintained a high profile at school activities and functions, including awards, assemblies, plays, presentations, parent night and kindergarten registration.

As a result of damage sustained to our playground equipment in the summer of 2004, Council solicited the support of the immediate community through a newsletter delivered to adjacent households, and encouraged local citizens to remain vigilant of unlawful use of school property and to report such activity to police.

Award of Excellence

For its efforts, the Parkway Public School Advisory Council was the recipient of the Trustee’s Award for Excellence in Education.  The accomplishments of the Council are as a result of teamwork and therefore Council members can take great pride in the recognition of their united effort to support Parkway Public School.  

Future Considerations

The Council will continue to grow and address the needs of the school where possible. Future considerations include;  

School Success Plan.
The School Success Plan is reviewed each school year.  Data collected this year supports the continuance of a two year plan.  The focus of this plan is literacy.  Council is looking forward to continuing to work closely with staff and lend support where possible.

Code of Behaviour
The Code of Behaviour is also due for review next school year.  Student safety is a major concern for all parents.  The Council will continue to play a supportive role in the implementation of the Safe Schools Act and the Code of Behaviour, and ensure all children learn in a safe and supportive environment.  

The Council will continue to support the school through financial means and is committed to provide funding in a balanced formula comprised of three areas of student development; cognitive/academic, social/emotional and physical/recreational. The Council will provide financial support to enhance programs, services and tools, otherwise not allocated through Board funding.

Parent Information Nights
One of Council’s main goals is to communicate with parents and engage them in the school.  To date, parent info nights are sparsely attended.  Council will endeavour to engage parents through relevant presentations and other innovative means.

Council Development
Training and succession planning will continue to be a main focus and ensure future Parkway Councils remain relevant, effective and dynamic.  The Executive will actively recruit parents and volunteers to sustain programs and as well support individuals who may be considering future leadership roles.    

Summary Comments

The Council conducted it’s affairs in a most professional manner, reflecting the high standards exemplified by our own Peel District School Board.  The key to the success of Parkway Public School is teamwork.  Parents, in collaboration with staff, were able to assist the school in providing not only a safe learning environment but one that was also fun for students.  

The Council is comprised of highly dedicated individuals, both parents and staff, who brought diverse skills and interests to the table.  Each and every member of the Council plays an integral role and is equally valued.  

Council parents supported the school through its advisory role on issues that included the school’s Success Plan, the Homework Policy and the Code of Behaviour.  In addition, parents led fundraising efforts through the fall fundraiser, Pizza Days, Bagel Days and the main event of the school year, the annual Spring Fair.   

Likewise the staff organized a number of events, including the Camp Wanakita trip, Remembrance Day assembly, Christmas Concert, Spring Concert, Track and Field day and a host of other school events and performances.  Parents are very grateful for the dedication Parkway staff has shown towards our children and the daily sacrifices they make along the way.

A special thank you must also be recognized for the many volunteers in the school. Whether it was parents who read to children in class, helped with crafts, decorated the gymnasium and hallways, or accompanied classes on field trips. Without volunteers many events and support programs would be difficult to conduct.  

Mrs. Fredelle Richardson, a nineteen year parent-volunteer at Parkway will be leaving us this year.  Mrs. Richardson has supported the school in many ways, including volunteering in the classroom and member of both Council and its predecessor, the PTA.   Mrs. Richardson has left an indelible mark on our school with her passionate support of Parkway students and she will be deeply missed.  

A special thank you goes to the administrative and support staff.  In particular, Principal Elizabeth J. Powers, who vigorously promotes and supports student success.  Lastly, Vice Principal Susan Meredith, who also enthusiastically contributed to the success of our school.  They are all recognized for their efforts.   

The success of the Parkway Public School Council can best be described in two words; commitment and teamwork.  The Council will continue to support the school and explore innovative ideas to the benefit of all students.  Council thanks everyone and looks forward to another successful year in 2005/2006.   

c.c.      Parkway community
            D. Green – Board Trustee
            J. Grieve – Director of Education
            P. Tomasevic -  Superintendent of Education
            Linda Jeffrey – MPP